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Napoleonics: Additional Scenarios & Quick Reference

Alternative Scenario: Quatre Bras - 16 June 1815
Scenario: Évora - 29 July 1808
Updated Quick Reference Sheet (1of2)
Adds Nassau, Brunswick, Hanoverian and Dutch-Belgian. Corrects Spanish Militia.
Updated Quick Reference Sheet (2of2)
Adds Swiss.

Napoleonics: House Rules and Scenarios

House Rules
House Rules - Cards
House Rules - Terrain Effects
House Rules - Scenarios
Ideas for Campaign Rules

Ancients: House Rules and Scenarios

Ideas for Campaign Rules

6mm Miniatures instead of Blocks

It is possible to play Commands & Colors using 6mm armies from Baccus and hex terrain from Kallistra.
This takes the visual appearence of the game to another level.

Basing 6mm Miniatures for Commands & Colors Napoleonics
Making Rivers for Kallistra Hex Terrain
Waterloo Campaign Terrain
Peninsular War Terrain
Painting Nassau Infantry
Painting Brunswick Infantry
Painting Belgian 2nd Carabiniers
Painting Belgian 5th Light Dragoons
Painting Belgian 8th Hussars
Painting Prussian Dragoons